THAI Launches THAI Aviation Training Website with Flight Training Information


Thai Airways International Public Company Limited’s  Aviation Resources Development Department launched its “THAI Aviation Training Website”, making flight training information available to customer airlines, aviation institutions, educational institution and to the public. The THAI Aviation Training Website consists of the following:

          1. Flight Simulator Information:
                - A300-600 Flight Simulator
                - A330-300 Flight Simulator
                - A340-600 Flight Simulator
                - B737-400 Flight Simulator
                - B777-200/300 Flight Simulator
                - B747-400 Flight Simulator
                - A330 Flight Simulator
                - A330 Maintenance and Flight Training Device Specification (A330 MFTD)
                - A340-600 Maintenance and Flight Training Device Specification (A340-600 MFTD)
                - Flight Training Device Specification FTD-242T (FTD-242T)
                - Equipment Catalog

          2. Safety Training Information:
                - Computer-Based Training (CBT)
                - Cabin Door Trainers
                - Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer (CEET)
                - Wet Drill
                - Fire Fighting Trainer
                - Medical First Aid Equipment

         3. Cabin Service Mock-Up information: This includes details on the manufacturer, simulated cabin types and training capabilities.

         4. THAI Flight Training Academy (TFTA) Information: The Academy was established to support the new commercial pilot training program by providing three basic courses as follows:
                - Multi-Crew Pilot License
                - Airline Transition Training
                - Flight Instructor Training Program

In addition, the THAI Aviation Training Website provide information on THAI’s aviation training, whereby data can be easily retrieved in Thai and English.

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