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Simulated Aircraft 


AIRBUS Standard 2.0

Engine Model


RR-TRENT 772B, PW 4168

Device Category


Airbus Flight Procedure Trainer


Configuration  The A330-200 Flight Procedure Trainer is composed of:

    • Airbus procedure Training for MFTD without “M”
    • Design Model THALES TFST
    • Real-time computing using PowerPC multi-processor architecture with Intel Pentium PCIX card slot Hosts for Flight/System Simulation, Instructor Operating Station, Sound System Simulation, etc.
    • Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System Simulation
    • Lesson Plan System
    • Worldwide Ground Station Data (GSD)
    • Six (6) of 20” LCDs and two (2) of 30” LCDs with touch screens located on the frame
    • Data Display System (DDS) – two (2) LCDs touch screens used to display additional software application e.g. APT and CBT

Main Instruments  Instrument Panels : Touch Screen LCD Simulation

    • FMGEC by THALES AVIONICS (Software)
    • MCDU: Hardware Simulation
    • FCU and Glare shield Panels: Hardware Simulation
    • DMC: Software Simulation
    • FWC by Airbus FWC Software Package (Software)
    • FCPC by Airbus EFCS Software Package (Software)
    • FCSC by Airbus EFCS Software Package (Software)